performed sound installation
(version 1: B-Movie, Hamburg, Germany;
version 1.1: Dampfzentrale, Bern; Shedhalle, Zürich, Switzerland)

Technical Description
CIRCLE is an ‹performed installation› that made it possible to musically play the acoustic feedbacks that occur between 8 speakers, arranged in a circular steel frame around the performer, and hand-held microphones the performer uses.
In version 1.1 the movements of the hands are recorded with a video camera attached to one of the performer’s hands and projected behind or above the installation. The image emphasizes the gestural elements of the work.
The audio channels wired to the speakers are individually equalized and processed.

The function of Circle is basically that of an interface, a ‹connection machine›. Making the acoustic feedbacks audible within this setup can be seen as the act of extracting from the space a form of energy distilled into sound. The feedbacks are modulated from a constant sound potential which can best be described as ‹grey noise›.

Circle version 2, which had only been formulated as a concept, would involve another machine that would whirl a video camera around (simultaneously on two axes). The camera could be used for video feedbacks as well as for ‹normal› recording of the surroundings, and, of course, could be equipped with additional microphones to respond to another circle of speakers to create more feedback. The speed of the movements could be controlled individually.

See also Tokyo Circle, which is roughly based on Circle.

Photo credits
video stills, left: Louis von Adelsheim

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