installation with sound
(rraum, Frankfurt, Germany)

The curators’ apartment served as a site containing the installation. Changes made in the housing situation appeared like infiltrations. The organizational structures were copied from the actual apartment.
Fake alarm system status LEDs were set into the apartment’s door frame and installed in one window facing the street.
Hidden speakers were installed in the living room bookshelf, a cassette player was put into a carved out book, showing only the play buttons set in the book’s spine.
Two small metal tubs filled with inkjet printouts diluting in colored ink mimicked the kitchen sink.
A picture frame habitually used in the living room contained some line graphs of musical structures, two small containers on the living room table were filled with pamphlets on the subject of infiltration and with spiritual telephone cards.
The curators’ computer on the work desk played back a short video loop (its processor thereby throwing off heat as a byproduct), and was counterbalanced by a box affixed under the desktop throwing off heat as its only product.

The objects on exhibition, which manifested shifts of meaning inside the apartment during the period of their installation, were the environment’s crucial circumstances.

On the occasion of this exhibition, the CD Compendium was released in a private edition of 36 signed copies.
The sound piece for this installation has been released on the album Four Installations (Trente Oiseaux, D, listen to/download digital version via Availabel).

BUY digital and remastered edition on Bandcamp

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